About Us


COMPASS International Corporation is leading supplier and manufacturer of tactical, law enforcement and military equipment, also federal agencies supporting homeland defense and homeland security.

Our Mission is To Protect Our Beautiful Home!


COMPASS INTL CORP. roots from Compass Industrial Supplies Pte Ltd founded in 1980′s. Headquartered in Singapore, with the factories in Beijing of China. COMPASS Intl. Corp. has been the professional supplier & manufacturer of various bulletproof vests/jackets, plates, helmets, police anti-riot gear and military defense articles over 20 years.


We are a client orientated company. Listening to and understanding our clients’ operational requirements and vulnerabilities is an integral part of our success.

Adhering to strict business principles and following a customer centric policy has always been our approach with which we aim to provide.

Our Team

COMPASS Intl. Corp. has the factories main office locating in Beijing of China, and three oversea offices in California of USA, Singapore & Switzerland.

Our experience about custom clearance in China has enabled us to successfully Import and Export products across the borders of the country. We are registered in the major local customs ports including Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Urumchi, etc.