Q: A Guide To Modern Personal Armor

Personal Armor is defined as – the whole range of protective clothing that protects the wearer from bodily harm caused by any kind of weapon. There is a whole range of Modern Personal Armor available for the protection of military personnel, combat soldiers, law enforcement personnel & bodyguards.

Q: Some Interesting Facts About Bullet-Proof Armor

Bullet-Proof Armor is among the most basic kind of protective clothing that is worn by combat soldiers & law enforcement teams for personal safety. The Bullet-Proof Armor basically works by catching & deforming the incoming bullet (in the shape of a dish), thus effectively stopping it. As the bullet is forced into a dish shape, the force of the incoming bullet gets spread over a wide area, which halts its progress along the path.

Q: Guidelines On Proper Use Of Police Handcuffs

Police Handcuffs are universally used by law enforcement agencies across the world, as an effective means of restraint. Though an effective way to restraint an offender, there are some guidelines that dictate the parameters of the proper use of Police Handcuffs. These guidelines are necessary in order to ensure that the Police Handcuffs are not misused by law enforcement officers. Before discussing the guidelines, the need for using Police Handcuffs is outlined.

Q: A Bulletproof Vest Is An Inevitable Protective Shield In Military And Police Forces

The Bulletproof Vest has emerged as a vital component in the military & law enforcement, & is responsible for saving the lives of 1000s of military & law enforcement personnel around the world. By investing in good quality Bulletproof Vest, law enforcement agencies & military outfits can ensure the safety of their most important assets i.e. their personnel.

Q: Maintenance Tips For Tactical Body Armor

In the recent years, with rising crime rate & advancement in firearm technology, the Tactical Body Armors have come to assume a critical role in ensuring the welfare & safety of the law enforcement officers & combat soldiers. There have been many developments in the basic design of the Tactical Body Armors since they were first introduced. There is no doubt about the fact that the Tactical Body Armors have a significant role in ensuring that law enforcement officers & soldiers are protected from projectile attacks.

Q: Tips On How To Buy The Best Body Armor

The decision to buy Body Armor requires much thought & consideration, as making a wrong choice in this case could actually prove fatal & life threatening in a worst case scenario. There are a few tips mentioned in the below write-up which will help in making a right choice.

Tips On How To Buy The Best Body Armor

Determine What Type Of Body Armor Is Required 

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