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The Compass Armor K-9 Vest is the official vest of the original Vest-a-Dog program. In fact, every state has working dogs wearing K-9 One armor. It is the #1 top selling dog vest in the United States and thousands of K9 officers have been vested throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe. This is a Level IIIA vest that stops the round most frequently found on the streets today. This lightweight three-piece vest has adjustable Velcro and elastic straps which allow it to fit any size dog. The yoke design enables the K-9 to perform all of his duties with no hindrance to movement; the K-9 One Vest design provides more freedom of movement than any other K-9 vest on the market.
Standard Features
Available in NIJ Level IIIA (using the latest in ballistic material)
Full chest, back, and underbelly protection
Lightweight, three-piece design
Specially designed yoke, maximizes freedom of movement
Adjustable Velcro and elastic straps for easy donning
Designed to maximize heat dissipation and ventilation without sacrificing protection
Ballistic panel cover material
DuPont Nylon Supplex-3ply (keeps ballistic panels clean and dry)
Water resistant
OuterShell Panel Cover Material
500 denier Cordura outershell construction
One size fits all (for K-9’s between 60-100 lbs)
All Camouflage, Black, Blue, Tan, OD Green
Ballistic panel 5 years
Cover 3 years
Why vest a dog?
A K9 officer face the same if not greater risk than human officer as they are often sent in ahead of their human counterparts to apprehend suspects or investigate dangerous situations.
Meet our featured K9 protector in need of a vest.
What do K9 vests protect against?
Vests are bulletproof and/or stabproof (e.g. knives, ice picks). In addition, they minimize blunt trauma injuries. In the past 10 years, bullet, stab or blunt trauma injuries caused 60% of police dog deaths.
How do the K9 vests compare to human officers’ vests?
The K-9 armor vest is made with Dupont Kevlar, which is the same material that human officers wear. This vest also undergoes the same testing criteria.
How long do K9 vests last?
Manufacturer’s warranty for the K9 armor vest is 5 years for the ballistic material and 3 years for the cover.
Will the vest fit all dogs?
The K9 armor vest is adjustable and also comes in various sizes.

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