Police Anti-Riot Suit Body Armor

Product Details:

We supply the anti-riot body armor, gears and equipment for police violence proof purpose.

The armor features high strength, fire resistant & hard impact absorbable.

Stab resistant dynamic 20 joules, not penetration;

Impact resistant dynamic 120 joules, not broken or cracked;

Performance of Impact absorbable: when dynamic 100 joules, deformation is less 8mm.


1. Purpose of the product
The Riot Police Suit Body Armor is a type of suit designed for law enforcement and military use to protect its wearer’s torso, arms and legs from handheld melee weapons, and thrown projectiles such as bricks, as may be met in riot crowd control, prison facilities. Riot suit are reinforced with materials that will protect the wearer from dangerous substances such as acids or industrial chemicals.

2. General technical data and characteristics
a) PVC/HTPR protective shell
b) Canvas outer covering
c) Mesh inner lining
d) EVA foam padding
e) Laminated PC protection panel
f) High grade elastic adjusters and connectors
g) Weight is about 7kg
h) Size in adjustable width and height

3. Parts
The package includes: riot police suit with special purpose package.

4. Product Description
The riot suit is comprised of knee and elbow pads, shin guards, chest protector, groin protector, shoulder pads, and forearm guards, as well as optional gloves, even protection against blunt force trauma.

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