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Product Details:

We deal in strong and durable ASP Trifold Dipsosable Restraints Plastic Handcuffs, which we design in compliance with the standards. We are grouped with the premier Manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers of Plastic Handcuffs from China. We lay emphasis on quality all along the fabrication and finishing of these handcuffs; that is why, we conduct several quality tests on them and dole them out with enough assurance of reliability and efficiency.
Features :

Each Tri-Fold strap folds in three locations for compact storage.
The straps are .5″ wide with rounded edges to protect the subject wrists.
The Roller Loc design provides an incredibly smooth pull during application.
As resistance is applied, additional ratchet teeth roll into place to secure the straps into the Retaining Block.
The diamond configuration of expanded Tri-Fold straps provide large pre-formed loops.
Once expanded, the straps can be rapidly applied.
The design allows both restraints to be pulled simultaneously with the reusable pull ring.
The end of each Tri-Fold strap incorporates a recessed identification plate. Tri-Folds can be pre-marked with a report number or used to identify specific subjects during a mass arrest.
Tri-Fold straps may be opened for use and returned to a folded position for storage. However, once they have been pulled past the recessed identification plate and the teeth engage the locking ratchet, it is not possible to retract the straps for storage.

Quick Details :

Place of Origin : China (Mainland)
Model Number : Phc-ASP

Specifications :

ASP Trifold Dipsosable Restraints Plastic handcuffs
Three position diamond folds
Locking block hinge
Easily carried
Rapidly applied
No sharp edges
Wide, brightly colored straps
Extremely strong, oversized loops
High strength micro-tension teeth
Smooth, single tooth pull
Roller Loc retention system
Covered locking mechanism
Pick resistant
Non-pull through design
Nylon retaining block
Single pull tightening
Pull hole in each strap

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